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human nature

It’s our memories that make us as human beings. You learn to walk and you have to remember how to walk for the rest of our lives. What if the caveman who invented fire couldn’t remember how to do it the second time round. “I had it a second ago but I don’t know what happened!” We probably wouldn’t have come this far in evolving. We probably never take the time to appreciate our brains. “I can do, so who cares how I do it?” That’s why athletes are some of our superstars. They have to remember how to do it the second time round, everyday. So, what happens when our brains fail us, we end up “insane”. We never did understand how we did it, now we have no idea how to fix it. Point is, never overlook our mentally handicapped. Wasn’t their choice to get to that point and now have to play the hand they’re dealt. Though, they may never understand that. Ending up in the famous Mathare Mental Hospital was the cruelest insult/joke that we would tell each other. Basically we didn’t fully gra…

The Talk

When is it time to have the talk? What factors determine the time to have the talk? Probably age and maybe “smartness”. You don’t want to give too much information to bore them but also enough to cover the basics. More or less like a bikini. I think it time we had the marijuana talk.
Yes I just said that. This isn’t a diversion tactic but it’s time we talked about it. First it’s a plant. Secondly it isn’t the leading cause of insanity and stupid decisions. This blogging gig is probably a bad decision but not stupid. It’s a bad idea since as an African child you can’t talk back to your parents. Whether they may have the wrong idea, that’s inconsequential. Its basically a talk that’s going to be hard if you can’t talkback. And having facts and scientific research doesn’t count for anything. Hence, when’s the right time to have the talk?

Love Thy Neighbor

I dint say lets be weird about it. After all the parents may be watching. It’s a different type of love. After all, Jesus Christ did simplify it to those two commandments. But these days religion has become a sore subject. Don’t just assume its just fellow Christians out there in the big universe. Every one has the way they associate. Yours isn’t the “perfect” doctrine you peg it to be.
However, some things do go across the board. When you meet an oncoming person on the street, you already have a which-way dance. Literally ants do the same thing. It’s in our DNA. Love should also be in our DNA. I don’t get why suddenly people discriminate about tribe, race, religion and colour. Like come on! I get born non-white and suddenly its “that ones overcooked, I don’t want it. You take it!” who said white’s perfect? My white clothes are never the same as they left the store. No matter how many times I scrub and bleach, “tint haitoki”
We all live on a very thin sheet of crust resting on ve…