Africa - What's left

Its quite an interesting place. With all the wildlife and natural resources. But one time in a far, far away place, some heads of states actually decided to scramble and partition it. So they grabbed each a piece of land to enrich themselves. And partitioned some raw materials to take back to their far away land in their ships. So they left the land bare and went back to their castles and monarchys. But they had a surprise. They wanted to be paid for the land. So they formed financial institutions to lend to the poor Africans. So that African countries could continue to be poor while all their raw materials had been stolen. I think Africa is owed back some land rates. Its about time we got paid for time spent. Really, colonialism and now some more neo-colonialism? Are some people more equal than others? Just because some one has the technology to build guns has the right to shoot the spear throwing Africans. Time spent should be equated to the debt currently owed. And probably some 5 future infrastructural projects that African hostages want to undertake. The Kenyan budget was recently read and I already have debt on my head? Am already broke to afford any more debt. Its time for some goodwill. I get all about capitalism, but it shouldn’t include people. That should be at the top of the list.