Human Intelligence vs Artificial Intelligence

Our brain power is one of the few things that the entire human race agrees upon. Much as we are proud of human intelligence, there are several shortcomings. Our memory does fail us and as age catches up to us, memory loss becomes more frequent. Artificial intelligence is quite a broad field. It’s not just about robots as movies would have us believe. Inventions in these field are quite astonishing. From deep blue, the chess game that beat the grandmaster; medical diagnosis expert systems to more recently autonomous cars. The one important advantage being that their memory never fails. Technology may change but those memory could still be recovered long after we are gone-eternity. However, there are the skeptics who argue that one day the machines will wake up and realize that they don’t actually need the humans. Any being with intelligence will go about conquering its surrounding world. We aren’t there yet, the zombie apocalypse hasn’t begun and that sounds much more fun