We do say we’re friends, but why? Is it that we know each others’ secrets? Is it that we share the same interests, likes and dislikes? Is it because you did help me out when I was in a tight spot? Or is it that we just fear being alone?
Honesty in this day of social media is quite fickle. Your “friends” will like the shit you post online no matter how terrible, might never tell you. I get it, theres honesty, being rude or just being a bitch. Since it somewhere with an internet connection, even the toilet, people get the confidence to say some of the weirdest shit when shitting. But we have to adapt. It’s not like technology is going anywhere……yeah, apparently its not. This now is my avenue to air my depressing thoughts. Tough luck. I really don’t have to care what you say, since my friends no longer like my truth bombs. I always did start with a, “I don’t wanna hurt you…” but come on, what if his breath really did stink? I had to be a “friend” and tell him to stop kissing the toilet bowl. Never understood how he ended up married and me single. So, friends of the internet, HAIL HYDRA and don’t bring your unsolicited advice and truths here.