Charles Dar-Selfie

Evolution is truly an amazing spectacle. From a one cell organism, we have evolved to such complex creatures that we don’t understand. In a universe that has also evolved that we cant explain either. But one trait that baffles me is that of all the things we would become is attention whores.
Look at me, using bad words so that I can get me myself some more cult members. I even threw a joke in there, however terrible. Is it that we didn’t get some self control? Seriously? A generation has fallen into duckfaces, nudity and basically total lack of self-worth to remain interesting?
The question that bothers me is what next for us as humans? What crazy thing will we do next? Or is this the end? Will the epilogue be, “after lots of selfies and disrespect for the environment, the human race got boring and their deities wiped them out.” Since these are the rumbling of a crazy guy that just figured out technology, this won’t happen. Humans are invincible and will live forever.