my naivety

At times being naïve doesn’t hurt. You wake up and hope that the day will turn out okay. But how many times does that happen? Yeah, remember the cliché, “life’s a bitch”. It ends up in the column of shitty days, but we always persevere. Yes, there are the good days but those aren’t the ones that keep us up at night.
So, will we just stare at the ceiling all night on election day or sleep like a baby? Will we say, we fought the good fight or we gave up on this country a long time ago and it aint my problem no more. We as a human race aren’t perfect, not even close. But at times it isn’t the perfect people who save the day, but the perfect imperfect. John D. Rockefeller single handedly streamlined, standardized and brought order to the American petroleum industry. In so doing he was a shrewd business man and created a monopoly. But it had to be done.
There is a presidential candidate out there who can whip this country into shape. I don’t know who, I don’t know how – my naivity astounds me too – but it can be done. I am rooting for the underdog. Not the cocky bastards that believe that this country “belongs” to them. Yes, my underdog might end up and the tail of the race, but in my small way I stood up for my rights. I stood up for the small guy, who always gets trampled on when the elephants start dancing for votes. PLENTY BE FOUND WITHIN OUR BORDERS